Paleo Diet

The paleo diet, also called the caveman diet, is designed to resemble what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate thousands of years ago. This is meant to promote a diet that focuses more on whole foods that are free of modern-day chemicals used to assist food production. This, combined with a physically active lifestyle, is meant to help prevent lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The challenge with this diet is making sure the food you’re eating meets the standards of the paleo diet, which is difficult when you’re new to the diet. For that reason, consider trying out Eat Clean’s variety of paleo diet meals.

A major challenge of committing to a diet like paleo is that you may feel like what you can eat is severely restricted. Eat Clean can help show that you still have plenty of options and what kind of meals you can make while on a paleo diet. With every meal on display on our website, you can view and decide for yourself before ever signing up. Once you have signed up, however, you can customize your meal plan to provide only the meals you want and even customize them to meet any dietary restrictions or needs. Every meal is prepared by a professional chef who handpicks your ingredients. You will enjoy only the most natural ingredients at their freshest when you depend on Eat Clean.

When you have paleo meals delivered, your food will always be delivered right to your door in one of our custom cooler bags. This protects and ensures your food is delivered in its freshest state, and after you follow some simple preparation instructions, your meal will be ready to serve at your convenience. Remove the stress of finding paleo-appropriate foods and focus instead on enjoying the natural foods the paleo diet provides you with.